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New database on nutrients in fish

Now, you can search for the content of nutrients in fish and seafood via Seafood Data at The database contains information about different nutrients in commercial fish species that are caught off the Norwegian coast.


The nutrient database at is brand new this year. Up until now, you have only been able to search for undesirable components and historic nutrient data in fish and seafood in the Seafood Data database.
“Many people who work with seafood are interested in information about which and how much of the individual nutrients we find in different fish and seafood”, says Head of Research Kåre Julshamn in the Programme for Documentation and Surveillance at NIFES.
“Now, everyone can find out how many nutrients the raw materials contain, whether you’re a nutritional physiologist, work in a commercial kitchen, a dietician, an exporter or work for the authorities or are a member of the general public.”
“For example, you can find out how much of the different marine Omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA you find in fatty fish like salmon, herring and horse mackerel”, continues Julshamn.

The majority of the information in the database is based on fish caught in 2005. The following species are included in the database: farmed Atlantic salmon, Atlantic halibut, tusk, Horse mackerel, North Sea Herring and Norwegian Spring Spawning, and new species will be added continuously. The database also contains information about copper and zinc in several species from 1995 to 2000.

More species in 2007
In 2007, more species will be continuously included in the database.
“During 2007, you’ll also find information about nutrients in fillets and liver from cod, saithe, American plaice, Arctic cod, farmed cod, rainbow trout and farmed halibut based on analyses from 2006”, concludes Julshamn.

Contact person:
Dr. Kåre Julshamn, Head of Research in the Programme for Documentation and Surveillance at NIFES.
Mobile: +47 994 87 701,
Office: +47 55 90 51 60


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